Wednesday, June 4, 2008

3/4 exam.


Okays, so i totally had the worst art exam in the whole wide world.
Not to mention the fact that i am sick and i could not sleep yesterday!
Things have been totally gay this few days, fun yet gay at times.
I am going to studying my australian geography after this little rant of arthistory that i have.

So, as everyone knows the band called silverchair,
i mean which retard does not right? So, lets analyze their latest album cover

Okays, so me and amelyn were learning about De Stijl,
an art movement that happened in the 1920 something in dutch (who cares)
And this dude called Piet Mondrian did a artwork that looks like the album cover

Coincidental? I think not! :D
There is more to this wacked arthistory/modern shit we're doing now.

The #1 hit single of silverchair is "straight lines"
And the style that De stijl uses in their artworks are straight lines and primary colors!

Therefore the conclusion that me and amelyn came about is:
Sliverchair and De Stijl must be like, the same people in a different form
(well, thats what i think anyways)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i have one more exam and i am free, free, free!
Cant wait. I am gonna have a sleepover and it is gonna be awesome,
and we are gonna do girlay stuff!
I <3 my friends, i think they are awesome.

And the reason that i have not posted for like 54 days is because i had to study and did not have time.
"Yeh, right. Bulldust"

ALRIGHT BITCHES, i love you to bits.

5 comments: said...

Funny colclusion:)) i'm sure mondrian copied the ideea of straight lines and basic colors from the band...what a fake ass:P

ps. found ur blog while lookin' after info about De stijl

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of that band, and they are in no way similar to De Stijl (probably because De Stijl is not a person) they clearly like the work of Pieter Cornelis, and decided his artwork would make a nice album cover. They however probably do not follow the simplistic movement, nor are anyway related to it

amerikan musta ruusu said...

Just because the album covers art resembles the De Stijl art movements art doesn't mean they're 'the same person in a different form.'


Anonymous said...

This is the stupidest, most disrespectful, most retarded and ignorant post I have read in a long time...the language, the conclusion, everything.
Maybe things were "fun yet gay" because the doctors increased the dosage?
Even when finding out parallels about one of the most significant art movements of the 20th cenutry and, undoublty, a very very good band, you still keep this "I don't give a fuck" attitude. You make me wanna vomit in your face. But only I don't wanna get my hands dirty slapping it.
Moreover the inflationary use of the word "like" as a conjunction speaks for itself.
I only can hope you have grown up a little since this post, oyu stupid cow.

P.S.: "Dutch" is not a country. It is called The Netherlands or Holland.
Don't forget: Most likely you are European, too to some degree. So have a bit more respect (or any in that case.

Skye Wolf said...

I found this whilst looking for legitimate information about De Stijl. I am sorry to say this is the most shoddy piece about making a connection between things I have ever seen. Oh, and anyone who doesn't know of the band (such as I) may not only be nicer than you, but most likely more intelligent and sober. And less "ignorant", as said by Anonymous on 25 November. DO NOT disrespect the art. It came before you, and those involved were much better human beings than you can EVER hope to be. That is all.