Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Slept in, againn.

tuuday did n0rt d0 anythiing n0rrhs, w0ke up late ferr sch00l, den e alarm cl0ck als0 dunch want tuu wake miie up, iin e end was late ferr sch00l, then s0 many w0rk tuu d00, n0rt funny l0rhh, wanna play als0 cann0t, need tuu d0 e w0rk teacher gave us.

OK WHATEVER I GIVE THE HELL UP, its me trying to talk lian anyways!
because my buddy nicholas was showing me those blogs and im like, i can be like that *head in air*
ok so maybe not, i have no flipping clue how those people do it! its a skill, a very lame skill.

so i was late for school, slept in.
and my friend that walk to school with me was waiting for me, but i texted him before hand and he did not get it so whatever. anyways he called me and i thought he was dreaming so i did not answer. and i had so much stuff to carry for art it aint funny!
so i went on the bus right, and my leg was already sore and when i sat down. %^#%$# something stung me, i was like "holy shit what if it is something to do with aids" but its kinda too late to do nething.
so went to school and then did the usual jazz in school, sleep in class, do some test, some homework, some writing, some everything.
so reached home, had connect and yaddaa.. dont think you wanna know my life that well.
anyways, back to the leg, when it looked at it, seems like i got a carpet burn and its full burning and shit right now but i have no idea what happened to it.
so please pray for me and hope its not aids, im kinda really freaked out at the moment, seriously!

and tomorrow, late night shopping, yay!
and a whole heaps of other junk happening during the weekends, but i am late for moii tv so i would END THIS POST NOW! :DD

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