Monday, June 9, 2008

10 things to do before the bra kicks the bucket

10 things to do before the bra kicks the bucket:
1)Go skinny-dipping
2)Be a member of the audience in Oprah
3)Backpack in some asian country
4)Write my will
5)Reflect on the greatest weakness, and realize how it is the greatest strength.
6)Experience poison ivy
7)Go to court
8)Stay out all night dancing and going to work the next day without going home to change or whatsoever
9)Camping; experience showering in a waterfall and the sunrise/set on your doorstep
10)Visit somewhere exotic

Mmmmmm, there you go.
Top 10 things to do before i die (now if only i actually do it)

Okays, bored bored bored.
I thought finishing exam was so awesome and everything, but it is not when all your friends are still digging into their textbook and you look like a stupid asshole for intruding into their exam-life when you do not have exam.
Whats worst is that i am sick. SICKSICKSICKSICK :@
How frigging annoying.

Ok, so on a friday i went to city with elysia in the morning, went to grab some jayjay's stuff.
After that back to garbs to grab her new mobile phone which she made a huge huge fuss about!
After that, Youth Alive, and then to bubble tea. Back home at like, late..
Yes dearly, they do have bubble tea in perth and i like it better than singapore for some reason.

On saturday, went to northbridge with jeshhSEXMACHINE and took some neoprints with some random guys
They do have neoprints here as wells, perth is full of asians actually :o
So back to home, watched Narnia with robin and others and nearly got killed by dad, no biggie.
Watched chick flicked by myself till like 3am, and finally slept. (No i am not emo)
Sunday i had kids duty, which pretty much worn me out for the whole day as i had to wake up at like 7 something which means only 5hours of sleep.
And then to lunch with the rest, back to home, watch forensic heroes (totally the best show ever) and chatted on msn till like 2am.
Ok that is a lie, everyone was gone by 1am but i was watching chick flicks, so yes!

That was pretty much the days i have spended my exam holidays at, today i am just gonna chillax and do nothing.
And i look like a drag, RAHH!

So today's plan is more forensic heroes, chick flicks and well, that is about it i guess.
Just meee meself and I! :D

Cant wait till eveh peeeveh exams are over over over and done with!

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