Tuesday, September 23, 2008

update 38,

highlights of the day:
finishing my mock exams & laughing at people who have not

unhighlight of the day:
robin not coming over ]:
i miss him so much

experiment of the day:
remember when i said i'll do the teabag thingy,
that did not really happen.
will do that someday soon~

so this is what happened in the exam today:
tick tock tick tock the clock was ticking,
heaps of people were leaving early during the exam
but the bra had one more essay to do,
she could not concentrate as it was her last paper,
she mindlessly wrote some pointers in her essay and emphasize on it.
after she felt she wrote enough, she left the exam,
20 minutes before the bell rang,
.. ok i have no idea why the heck i wrote that, trying to be poetic i guess

and this is what happen yesterday studying:
i day-dreamed (night-dreamed?) about my pet rock,
its quite sad but let me tell me more about my pet rock.
her name is bob and she wears prada.
she farts out perfume and i totally love her!
and this was 3am yesterday - so bite me for thinking random stuff!
millons of studying notes, and more to come for the TEE's.
how fun, not really.
cannot wait till TEE is over, i am way burning my hbiol book!

so i have a busy busy holiday thingy:
i am hanging out with widi tomorrow,
the day after i am hanging with lingling (i think)
friday - all night rage!
saturday jesszor is coming over and bleaching my hair, very excitting.

change topic muchly now ~
everyone knows that i have like major moodswings!
so i read in girlfriend that writing your feelings down is one of the few ways of helping overcoming moodswings, (one of them is talking to someone but i kinda already did that.. and i guess it puts a strain on people hearing of my countless moodswings)
therefore i am starting a dear diary in writing,
this is going to be so exciting and i cannot wait to start,
once i actually.. bought the book to write in.
its gonna be pretty and everything, its gonna be intense!

GLGLGLGL guys that still have exams!
i'm sure you guys will pwn it :DD

i am going to do more mindless things now, such as.. nothing *grins*

raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, xx.


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