Monday, September 22, 2008

update 37,

last exam tomorrow!
how excitting, i finally get to rest for abit! :DD
and then back to studying for TEE's.
raa, year 12 life sucks %$#$
blistering bollocks booo.

life aint fair,
i do not wanna study ]:
i just wanna have fun and do nothing like a bum with no future~
and then marry some rich old man and kill him, after him leaving all his money with me 8)
best life ever, muhauhaaaaa~

ohh, ohh.
i gotta do my tisc, healp!
guess thats what i will be doing all of weds..
how excitting. NOT! T____T

highlight of today:
me actually doing some work in the library.

unhighlight of today:
my legs being numb in the exam $R%#$Y%

experiment for today:
see if tea bags actually makes me eye bags shrink, it better :@
i did not spend 3 bucks on teabags for ONLY DRINKING, so expensive oneeee.

holidays start in perth time 3:10 pm tomorrow.

be jealous, badly.
for those who already started their holidays - i hate you big time!

juju-san blog.
only because she asked nicely, and i wuv her <33

she is one of me best maytes in singapore and has been for the past forever years.

raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, xx

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