Wednesday, July 16, 2008

50 reasons why i love robin

1) you are always honest to me no matter what
2) how you always help others without fail
3) the fact that you are always understanding with me even when i do not deserve it
4) how you are always worried and concerned for my well-being
5) your generosity
6) the way you hold me
7) your never ending love for your family and God
8) the fact that you don't hide your feelings
9) the little heart felt things that you written for me
10) how you always tease me about little things
11) the way you don't care if i look weird in the mornings
12) how you calm me down after i get pissed off.. every time
13) how you are the only person that understands me most of the time
14) the fact that you watch re-runs with me even tho you rather do something else
15) how you try to be the "perfect guy" to my parents
16) how i can never bring myself to be angry at you for 5 seconds
17) how you always driving me around
18) the smell of your cologne
19) how you let me bash you up
20) the way you look at me
21) the way you do whatever i tell you to do
22) how you are always spending your free time with me
23) how you were there when i was getting over my last relationship
24) the way you handle my past
25) how you are not afraid to tell your friends about me
26) you understand me from the inside out
27) the fact that you never get angry at anyone
28) how you protect me
29) the words that you use to make me feel better
30) how you always humble yourself
31) your smile {:
32) how i can feel your heartbeat when i'm close to you
33) the way i can just fall asleep in your arms
34) the fact that you make cute corny comments
35) how you have self control over your temper
36) how you say "im sorry"
37) the fact that you slow down downloading songs because i don't like it
38) when you say "love you" almost everytime we're together
39) how we d&m
40) the fact that i totally hate techno and you like it
41) how we are so opposite but yet so in love with each other
42) you never do/say anything that will seriously hurt me
43) how i always have someone to complain to.. 24/7
44) how you try to make me sleep earlier which i tend not to listen
45) the fact that you are "responsible" with media
46) how you know about some gossips faster than me T__T
47) the way you say i do not have to apologize over something
48) you are the only one that can keep up with my moodswings
49) the fact that your family is the funniest family i ever met



SishKaa said...

awwwhhh so cute :] <33

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