Monday, July 14, 2008

100 things that annoyedds mee x(

1) holiday homework
2) cbox always blocking me because i apparently spam too much
3) low battery on mobile phone
4) tryhards/wannabees
5) me always having a lack of money
6) me not being in singapore at the moment
7) now not being summer break
8) underage drinking RAWR
9) people who thinks that art is just.. drawing
10) question six on my DRUGS worksheet given by WHYNEHORST @:
11) why don't i have nething else to talk about T_T
12) people who thinks i am short
13) people who ask me to eat more
14) people that.. annoy me
15) people who does not.. understand why i do what i do
16) drugs, they are useless
17) people who thinks asian are smart (kinda true but still, not always)
18) asians are not cheap *points at momo*
19) not all asians are rich *points at myself*
21) people in the escort services
22) one night stands
23) hangovers, rawr
24) dirt dirt dirt, die dirt
25) need more winter.. clothes
26) people who are like "im not smart" and get 329437891 for their next test!
27) do not discriminate gay people *evils*
28) why do i cry so much
29) metro guys, whats up with them
30) how i always do not get enough sleep
32) why we gotta study
33) why can't we stop exam, lets kill all the teachers in the world.. but the police
34) police that are always in the way
35) security officer in garbo that gives applex asian student evils just because
36) the cross, hate that place
37) plastic surgery, whats up with that! be happy with what you are
38) dying/bleaching hair is overrated
39) .. not everyone that has black hair is emo *points at ALL asians*
40) silly anime figures that drive me mad
41) whats with hentai anyways, get the real deal if you wanna watch
42) nerds that hide behind a computer screen and act all cool because their level 3726 in WOW
43) when you bump into people, say sorry!
44) singapore ahlians and ahbengs, they drive me insanee
45) ok, people wHOoo tYPeesS lYYlke ThishHh, (die you)
46) people that blogs every second of their life, example:.. cant think of any.
47) why does everything of this comes in 100?!
48) real fobs, they drive me mad
49) wow.. your a asian in australia.. LIVE WITH IT
50) people are like "oh look at me i am so cool i can sing and blah blah" *sings* * bREAKS GLASS*
51) your face xD
52) winter.. sometimes annoy me
53) vista is bi-polar
54) everyone that disagrees with me, MAUHAUHA!
55) photoshopping, that annoys me at times
56) children that keep asking you question #@#$@
57) i still do not get.. question 6 about drugs
60) sponsor a worldvision kid? :] if not ihy
61) girls that are like "oh noo. i broke a nail" (wait.. i do that at times, AHWELLS)
62) movies prices are 14 bucks
63) OH LOOK, 70% off! sale price: 190.99 DOLLARS
64) prices that are not round up. example: 199.99 DOLLARS.. just put 200 and save ink!
65) internet exploraahh
66) horror movies, scare the crap out of me
67) the need of food and there is none
68) people who annoy you with question like: do you think im rank OR do you think i am good enough for her
69) <----- that annoys me
70) still.. humanbio
71) how we only have one term to do art and there is always not enough time to finish 389278 drawings
72) why we work, why we study, whyyy larhx
73) people that speak singlish when they are WHITE!
74) i am asian, i do not like anime. NOT BIG HORROR WHITE PEOPLE!
75) the fact that my skin is crap
76) how i get flustered so easily
77) MSN not working
78) i have 3827 myspace friends (dude, no one cares)
79) 14 year olds that act like their 21
80) i want a plant in my room, mom does not allow RAWR!
81) magazines that make females think that they need to be like that model on the front page
82) bugs, ew ew ew
83) maggots, ew ew ew
84) ebay, online shopping. they are so good, so addictive.. TOO ADDICTIVE!
85) this questions are kinda annoyin me now
86) i have nothing planned this week, how sad
87) should i dye my hair black, that question is annoyin me
88) dad talking to me about LIFE PARTNER.. already
89) money suckers
90) crushes, IHATETHATWORD
91) people who thinks NCIS are lame @:
92) *evils* at people stealin my friends
93) "omg deborah, you have not changed" OK I GET THE POINT!
94) technoo, they annoy me at times (im listening to one atm but you get what i mean)
96) chicks that get wasted and sleep with anyone
97) gay dvds that you buy in asia
98) quiet people.. i cant stand them T_T
99) if your asian.. you must have came from china WTH$#%@#?!
100) on myspace, OWN ME OWN ME, t3h h3ck.

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