Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Found out that one of my friend's friend died on like, two days ago.
Its tragic, how one can be vibrant one day but another just, gone, forever.
It makes us think about how death can hit anyone of us, not caring about age.

It also makes me think of the play that our english class is doing,
apparently there is a chinese saying that says:
when we keep being sad for someone's death, it means that they have not done much in this lifetime to make us happy.
Or something like that.

But like thu this time that knowing that someone is gone forever,
we should cry tears of joy.
Of us knowing how they impacted our life so much,
we will miss them.
It is just human to, but do not think about the negative but always the positive.

The meaning of death is:
manner of dying: a hero's death.
A hero's death, from that we can tell that everyone died, but not without changing someone's life.
We are all heroes to someone.

(I am not gonna say who because i hardly know the person and therefore has no right to do so)

Oh, by the ways!
Got back my results, i have passed! Mostly B's. One C's.
I am happy because i did not even think i'll get like one B but i actually did.
(I am not a normal asian, i do not get A's)

Bon fire,
this friday night @ i have no clue.
Meet in mellvill civic center @ 6PM.
Be there, or be LAME!


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