Wednesday, November 19, 2008

50 things i like that you probably didnt know

1) water, its my best friend
2) subtitles
3) western culture pwns asian culture
4) messy bedrooms
5) strange japanese name, they make me laugh
6) being black, yo bruhh
7) staying up all night just to watch the sunrise
8) beach at night
9) LOL-INGG at ah bengs/lians
10) finding people shorter than me in murdoch library
11) chinese, i love speaking chinese ^____^v
12) being ironic, yay
13) simple stuff satisfy me
14) cleaning up all the junk in my room
15) knowing that i have money in my bank! [for at least one week]
16) staying in bed till 4pm
17) re-runs (L)
18) classical, techno, scremo, whatever, music makes me happy
19) hair products that are made in japan are tops
20) eating dinner during midnight
21) when someone is actually talking to me at 2am when im not asleep
22) randomly curling my hair when im bored
23) reading thu random singapore people blog, classic singlish!
24) dropping my mobile phone, boooooya
25) spending money on people, at times
26) dettol no mess caps, those are CRAZAYY!
27) staying in at night watching movies
29) playing with people's mobiles/ipod and making "whoooop" noises
30) scaring people, muahuhaaaaaaa
31) sleeping on the pillows whilst taking care of kids
32) different hair colours @_____@
33) inkball, muhuhaauhaaaaaaaa
34) late nights in the libary (Y)
35) finishing exam early
36) appering offline, yeoww
37) finding pictures to print out
38) making random noises in general, PEWPEPWEPWEPWPEW
39) hating stuff, those are always fun
40) looking at people staring at you staring at them staring at you.. at them.. at you *wide eye*
41) screaming [:
42) stonning at random times
43) art, i love art lessons
44) crying, yes i am emo
45) buying hair products and make up just because.. but never using them
46) buying stuff.. in general
47) not taking quantas back to singapore, i pwn
48) bobbbby pins <33
49) people, i like people o:
50) sleeping with 48237482838 blankets on meeee :DD

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