Saturday, September 13, 2008

haii =w=

ohhhhh, yay im back on blogger ^____^
after being like gone for 8875827173 days because i was sick to my bones, RAHH!
thanks for all the messages saying get well soon, ilyily guys.

it totally sucks being sick, especially few weeks before mocks,
its like RAH im gonna fail because i have not been in school for yonks, even tho its test and revision week but still..
twas full on stressing about failing mocks, but forman said that i can do my mocks later so go mee~
but who the heck would do that, mocks alone.. with the teacher.. just abit scary to the maxzor!

okays, so i have not been in school for 2 weeks.
defame people who says i wagged, rahh!
so, anyone who does english, geog, art or hbio, pl0x share share notes kayyy!
if not i am bloody screwed, and if i fail mocks, i'd kill you!

ok, yay.
so about today's rant..
it will be about ART! yay.. not really.
art is wacked, i have no clue what the heck those dead artist are thinking, naming their school kyutuyrhghfsererahrahrah school or something like that, who the heck will pronounce that.. wait right, dead people. oh-kay.
and a line is a moving dot by the way, if you guys don't already know. *blinks x25*
overall, art is stupid..
thank god my visual diary aint due till next next next week.. aint alot of times, HMM!
i'd manage

rahh, what else..
ohh ohh, i bought like a 100 bucks jeans ^____^v
idk if its worth it.. still deciding.
still gotta pay the layby which sucks =.=
but once i have the jeans i'd be wearing that non stop till it breaks or something, yay me! :DD
(i gotta stop watching the suite life of zack and cody)

i miss singapore T____T
i miss it with all my heart, strength and soul.
i miss the late nights with my school maytes, sipping coffee or some random liquor that they sell in the cafe
i miss the uber cheap shopping that can be found in bugis street 8)
i miss my family and friends in singapore
i miss the foood, oh the food *drools*
i miss hanging out with my aussie friends in singapore, looking like some stupid tourist who does not know our way around singapore.. ye'rh, we're noobs.
i miss everything about singapore, zomg cable teevee! *cries*
it'd be like.. yonks till im back in singapore.. DAMN EXAMS, IHY!

rahh, i want cupcakes.
buy/make me cupcakes for my get well soon pressie,
or else..

(L) blogshopping, yay my friend just opened a shop and its uber awesome and you guys should visit it.
to visit it, click RAH.
i wanna ebay something, yay for ebay/hottopic and all those shops that i shops at online! ^_____^

yay for shopaholics books as wells, that is what i have been doing when sick.
reading, yes imma "nerd" 8)
but yes, shopaholics is totally my survival tool besides.. medication and painkillers <33
omgomgomg, there is gonna be like a shopaholic movie, but the actors and actresses are CRAP TO THE MAXZOR!
does not do justice, RAHH :@@
and youtube as wells, zack and cody FTWSIES~
yeh, my life pretty much consist of being SUCKY once i was sick ]:

what else what else what else,

xx brahh! :DD

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Anonymous said...

hey!!! u can come singapore,aftr u study hard and do well exam!! hahas!!!
do ur best and God will do the rest! pray!