Wednesday, July 2, 2008



1) burn Applecross Senior High School down
2) egg someone's house
3) get into Curtin Uni
4) finish the english speech that i am doing atm, and totally hating it
5) go into a gay club :o
6) pash a girl
7) stay in a 5 star hotel for a month
8) have a blackbooks marathon (there is nothing much to do but re-runs anyway!)
9) rave rave rave all night
10) shake hands with kevin rudday
11) be who i am not for a day
12) find someone who is the same height as me
13) write a letter to someone
14) hack into myspace/facebook
15) talk to a telemarketer and make him feel love then putting down the phone
16) flirting with some random in a asian country
17) tell someone that he/she mean everything
18) take a bullet for someone and survive
19) firing from a gun
20) go paintballing
21) fly a plane (will be fun, seeing me trying to fly a plane)
22) tell my parents about my boyfriend, sometime
23) have kids
24) have a family
25) have grandkids
26) have a massive party with bouncers and all those jazz
27) do a vector without quitting after few layers
28) read a harry potter book
29) win the lottery
30) stand up for what i believe in
31) tell those cutesy people how much i dislike them
32) get into a fight, and actually win
33) actually get my license
34) start gyming, swimming, ANYTHING to keep me fit
35) do something and actually not quit
36) do not repeat everything i say
37) get a tattoo by Kat Von D
38) shave my head :o
39) learn how to cook from a chef in a 5 class restaurant
40) remember that whatever i say affects someone for better or worst
41) watch a scary movie and actually go to sleep after
42) leave house, and be independent
43) get foxtel/cable!
44) meet Kat Von D
45) wear something totally not what i will wear
46) do not get so emotional over everything
47) actually watch top gear
48) do something different in singapore besides cable tv and shopping
49) get drunk
50) going to a party, getting a hangover and going work/school the next day
51) tell someone that no matter what, i will always be there for them
52) make the word suicide be gone from the english language and teenagers
53) actually play a CS game and actually winning :x
54) finishing.. this.. 100 crap (i am about to go crazy!)
55) go skinny dipping
56) burn a piano, oh my gosh yesyesyes!
57) sleeping on the beach with someone that i love
58) having one whole night of d&ming
59) get a A for art
60) be really asian and try to bargain for everything
61) buy booze in singapore before i turn 18
62) free hugs sign, thing!
63) make some random in Singapore think that i am from Australia and need help with orchard road
64) save someone from drowing
65) teach someone new
66) get a "best teacher" award
67) get someone to give me $100 just because..
68) convince someone that i am a alien
69) stop globalwarming
70) get a car, a good car, idk what car, but a car
71) act like a freak
72) speak singlish for one whole day
73) play WOW
74) go to the southpole
75) get a stable job, like childcare or social work (x
76) work in a pharmacy (seems cooooool)
77) road trip babeh!
78) meet hard gay! :DD
79) go to hollywood
80) spend a whole day watching movie in hoyts
81) door to door sales anyone? {:
82) be in the oprah audience
84) knit my own scarve
85) DRIFT! after i get a super uber car, durhh
86) dye my hair blond
87) call northbridge my second home
88) make a fire out of nothing
89) train a dog to kill
90) do something that people thinks its normal
92) paint a canvas that is bigger than me without failing
93) actually plan for something in my life
94) go overseas with my boyfriend, without parents, before 21
95) be in the news
96) treat my kids with respect that my parents treated me
97) actually don't snap as easily as i do atm
98) sleep more :3
99) make my parents proud
100) have the best stories to tell my grandkids

idea from widi and andrew, kinda just steal it from them. heeeeeeee.


Anonymous said...

well done well done :D
i can cross things off my list already. quite sad actually :( hum lets try another one :D

Laura said...

bra bra bra im putting up ur blog link on mine whee