Saturday, July 5, 2008

100 question i want to know the answers to


100 question i want to know the answers to!

1) why do i have a zit
2) how do i get rid of a zit
3) why does zit hurts more than pimples
4) why are zits white and yucky
5) why did i start my holiday rankly
6) why is my vomit not normal colored
7) what is vomits normal color anyways
8) why is L not real
9) why can't i have my own freedom
10) will my parents freak if they know im going out
11) why when summer come i rather winter and yaddas
12) why do people call me a TOOL
13) why is it so disgusting to have a enlarge earhole
14) what happens if you bleach your hair too much
15) is there anyway for me to get clear skin
16) why do people think i am sick minded
17) why are birthday pressies hard to buy
18) why are pressies in general hard to buy
19) why are some people not happy with how they look
20) why am i sick when holiday starts
21) is there really a deathnote
22) who has the deathnote
23) why are some people homophobic
24) why cant i just get the grades that i want
25) why can't i be less emotional
26) why do i feel that i don't deserve all this at times
27) why can't holidays go on forever
28) why did someone invent exams
29) why do i judge people with 1st impressions
30) why does it rain on the days you are actually feeling crappy
31) why trusting someone is easy/hard for some
32) why i blog
33) why am i always bored and have nothing to do
34) why am i always broke
35) what do i wanna do with my life in the future *blinks*
36) who will i marry
37) who will hurt me the most and make me emo
38) does guys gossip as much as girls
39) why do i judge people
40) why i had to go thu my past *cringeeee*
41) why i am loved
42) how much does people spend on food each year
43) whats so good in becoming drunk
44) how does a hangover feel like
45) why does BBT sound like a good idea everytime
46) why do i like deathnote so much
47) why do i like pokemon so much
48) what is emo, really..
49) why do we stereotype people (includ. me)
50) why am i doing this 100 thing
51) why i feel so blah at the moment
52) why are some people so close minded
53) why are people racist
54) why does people think just because we're asian we are smart
55) why do people think that asians are rich, but stingy
56) what am i gonna do this two weeks of holidaying
57) what is life
58) sooo... wassssup yaww!
59) why did i drop d/maths
60) why is some teachers just %$^%
61) why are my parents so un-asian yet.. asian in some areas
62) are asians really taking over the world? {:
63) why people like techno
64) do i really dont mind techno now? O_O"
65) why are some relationships bound to fail
66) why do we regret stuff
67) why cant i think of anymore stuff to ask
68) why life problems just get worst and worst
69) why people think kinky of this number
70) why do people take drugs
71) how does it feel.. drugging yourself up
72) why are people just smarter than others
73) what colors can animals see
74) why do i laugh that easily
75) why do i feel im turning 17 next year and not 18
76) why do good people die young
77) why is life unfair
78) why does caffeine not work for me
79) why are my parents so awesome
80) why do i feel loved :3
81) why do i think that i have repeated some questions
82) why am i a singaporeans
83) why do i get agitated when people say stuff i dont like
84) why do i snap easily
85) why cant i stay mad at someone for more than 1 week
86) why is chinatown/northbridge so hardcore
87) why cant there be world peace
88) why guys lust, not love
89) why is it raining like crap at the moment
90) why i feel lost now
91) why i nag quite a bit
92) why do i worry like my grandma
93) why am i so old fashion in some areas on life
94) why cant i be happy with what i have at times
95) is it true that left.. handed people were actually twins but the other twin died.. in the mom (WHAT THE HELL WIDI, I WANNA KNOW THAT ANSWER NOW DAMNIT.)
96) do i have a twin
97) what happened to my twin
98) did my twin look like me
99) was it a boy or a girl
100) DID I KILL MY TWIN? T___________________T

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my sister told me. and she's left handed. :/